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Victoria A. Marchio

Fine ART Photography and

Art Consultant


My Background


I work as a photographer, painter, and mixed media artist. My photography lays the foundation for all of my artwork. As a photographer, I like to find new ways to highlight shapes, patterns, or color often overlooked by others. I favor unusual landscapes and work to provide a new way of looking at our surroundings. I am always composing the next shot in my head. I see the world through my viewfinder. When I photograph, I become one with my environment. I am totally enveloped by the process of seeing and feeling the exact right angle or moment. As each situation offers endless possibilities, I work from a deeply instinctive place within me, 

letting my intuition guide my camera.

Much of my painting and mixed media work is an extension of my photography. It is almost a refocusing of what I have seen in my photography. My paintings and mixed media often highlight a particular aspect of a scene or subject, as if I have cropped out everything else, in order for me to more fully explore that particular aspect of my work. Painting and mixed media offer a way to communicate complex feelings and to express the intensity of a particular moment or event.

Photography as Communication

As I continue to evolve as an artist and photographer I find myself interested in finding my way…which way to go.  I find that this Image is a slice of searching for the future while thinking about the past and trying to decide a direction to travel.  I find myself looking for peace, trying to find life, trying to escape, looking for the right door, and praying I feel like the first half of my life has been practice and now I am ready to take on what ever life has to offer and become who 

I was destined to become.

Sharing Stories

Through my prints, I invite you to bring bits of my stories into your life and home. New prints are released regularly, so check back often. 

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